Outreachy: The end of the Application Period!


So, the application period is now officially over. And it’s been a really hectic but amazing one month. I have learned so much from the OpenStack community. One of the most important things I ended up learning was how to manage my time well, with trying to contribute as much as possible to OpenStack as well as managing college work.

The last couple of weeks particularly have been a bit challenging, managing working on my application to Outreachy as well as continuing working on bugs. The way I went about trying to juggle so many things at a time was by working on bugs by efficiently keeping in contact with the Glance community members through mail. So I would work on my application with some help from my mentor Nikhil whenever he was available on the IRC. I was motivated by my mentor to work on my own, be proactive and manage my time efficiently. So I would continue working on my application by myself and also working on the bugs based on previous communications with the community members. This way I was able to continue working on bugs while also writing my application.

Even though the application period is now over, I will continue to contribute to Glance as much as I possibly can. It has been a great learning experience working on Glance and OpenStack, and I hope to be able to learn more :D.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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