OpenStack: My First Contribution!

OpenStack: My First Contribution!

When I read about Openstack on the Outreachy page (Participating Organisations), I found the description quite interesting. On taking a closer look at OpenStack (Openstack Outreachy , Internship Ideas), I decided to start working on it.

My first communication with the OpenStack community was on their IRC channel dedicated to Outreachy mentors, interns and general inquisitors (#openstack-opw on Freenode). Victoria Martinez de la Cruz (IRC nick vkmc on Freenode) who is the program organizer and a mentor helped me get started. She familiarized me with how OpenStack works, how the different components are organized and how the different projects work under OpenStack BigTent model. Once I looked through the different projects (List of Projects), I finally decided to work on OpenStack Glance or as we often refer to it as simply ‘Glance’ (Glance, Glance’s Documentation, Glance Pythonclient). Victoria helped me get in touch with my potential mentor Nikhil Komawar (IRC nick nikhil on Freenode). He familiarized me with Glance and also helped me with setting up Devstack. He also helped me find an easy bug to start with (tagged as a low-hanging-fruit). Low-hanging-fruit bugs are bugs that are easy to fix, ideal for beginners to get familiar with the workflow. I then tried accessing Gerrit by following the instructions mentioned here. After running into some problems with Gerrit, Nikhil helped me solve them. We used in our conversation and narrowed down on the issue and thus solved the proxy issues. I started by googling how to access Gerrit when working behind a proxy and came across the solution of using https instead of ssh. I then used this link to access Gerrit over HTTPS. I learnt something new about gerrit’s https usage instead of ssh in the process. I finally managed to successfully merge my first patch! 😀 (the link to it) and learnt a lot about the review process, technical communication and having a critical perspective to writing code.

It’s now been almost a month since I started contributing to OpenStack, and I am extremely happy to have been able to contribute to this community. Whether or not I get selected for the Outreachy internship, I will definitely keep working and keep contributing to OpenStack. It has been an amazing experience being a part of this community and so far and I am really glad to have chosen OpenStack.

Hope you found this useful and thank you for reading! I would love to read your comments on the post. 🙂


One thought on “OpenStack: My First Contribution!

  1. Good ramp-up to the internship application, Itisha.

    I am really glad to see your blog about initial contribution and how different people and wikis helped you. Hope to see more of this!

    All the best.


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